"The Foot Bridge", Tbilisi Sands

Architectural bridge solutions are used to create a Bridge with a static and at the same time lightening construction itself. The old Tbilisi area where we have, basically no contemporary development ever created, with a synthesis of the of town infrastructure. The rike or “sands”
Was used for water mills in an old times, but after Georgia entered the Soviet Union, things where changed drastically; water mills destroyed, and instead, we found the large road communications. for all existing purposes we can say that the place became too overloaded with roads, but without cars on it.

Nowadays, the city has a chance to renew the old soviet non-practical decisions, with a new artistic, and functional, approach. The Foot bridge, between the old town of the right bank of the river “Mtkvari”, to the left comparatively undeveloped bank. Considering changing the whole Left bank, by developing the rike or sands area with new public spaces, such as: Museums, shops, and green areas. So we are developing the connection between the old and old-to new, with the new contemporary architecture.

By moving the left bank up to about 5 meters, we solve the problem of road communications by this. Maintaining the old road structure underneath the ground level.
After this we can have view of how can we create? How can we develop? And how can we find the right point – or concept for the area development.

This Foot Bridge (Pedestrian Bridge), is a first project, in the Old Tbilisi, Exciting nowadays across the river “Mtkvari”.
The Bridge itself represents the phrase of “static movement” or “concrete movement” and the moment which might be called eternity, thus creating the background for overcoming the space proportions.
When growing through dynamic changes of shapes and forms, we can suddenly find out the criteria, or a concept. How to allow material world to change, without creating any cliches’s already exciting.
Instead of columns we can find, flexible, transforming concrete structure. Which itself is a move towards, the freedom (or flexibility) of space.
Space is giving us the freedom and the limit inside us, but at the same “time”, creating the opportunity to overcome the connection between the Time and Space.